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Oil Palm Plantations in the Bas-Congo Province: An Unknown Threat of Air Pollution in the Congo.

With an annual global production of over 50 million tons, palm oil has become the most important vegetable oil globally. Nearly 30% of the world’s production of vegetable oils is contributed from palm oil. The demand of the palm oil … Continue reading

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Oil Palm Plantations on Health and Wealth of Ecosystem and Humankind in the Tropics.

The biosphere has a critical influence on society, and the environment through its capacity to modify the air quality. Land-use change significantly affects air pollution because of the transport of the biogenic emissions and its intermediate oxidative products, thereby impacting … Continue reading

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Quantification of Impact of Urban Green Infrastructure on Ozone Pollution in Barcelona.

Air pollution in Barcelona comes mostly from motorized transport and industrial activities. Over 60% of nitrogen dioxide comes from daily vehicle traffic. Although Barcelona announces Europe’s largest ban on older vehicles, the increase in the number of cars on the road … Continue reading

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