Do You Really Think That Urban/Peri-urban Green Infrastructure Planning Combats Ozone Pollution?

What is green Infrastructure? It is nothing but the green vegetation. It includes crops, forests, green rooftops, plants, etc. Do they really help reducing the ozone pollution? Not really ! Whether the green infrastructure is boon or curse depends on several factors. The previous blog “Gradual Increase of Complexity in the Ground-level Ozone Pollution Modeling Studies” showed some of the interactions between meteorology and chemistry in the formation of the ground-level ozone. As you walk through my YouTube channel named Tropopedia where you will learn the tropospheric chemistry, you will begin to understand that the chemistry is very non-linear. Depending on the state of the chemistry and the meteorology of specific location, the ozone may either form or destroy. As the blog “Gradual Increase of Complexity in the Ground-level Ozone Pollution Modeling Studies” explained, the vegetation, aka green infrastructure, modifies both meteorology due to the effect of roughness on the transport and the moisture fluxes, which critically influence on the state of the surface layer atmosphere. Because of being both inherent nature of fluxing VOCs and their dramatic effect by the state of the surface layer atmosphere such as humidity and temperature, the green infrastructure non-linearly affects the ozone-chemistry-without-the-vegetation. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the urban/peri-urban green infrastructure is going to combat ozone pollution of the city.

In a nutshell, there should be a rigorous city specific research on the pollution emissions, meteorology, and the chemistry of the region. A meticulous modeling studies are to be planned for the urban and peri-urban green infrastructure for understanding the effects of these changes on biogenic emissions and meteorology those significantly affect the ozone chemistry.


About Dr. Kishore Ragi

I am critical reviewer of literature on the science. Here, I write critical review on the published research, my research and research related business plans.
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