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Conversion of Units of Air Pollutant Concentrations.

The air pollutants are represented in either volume fraction/total volume or weight/volume. The former one may be of several types. For example, moles of pollutant/ total moles of air (mole fraction) in specific volume, number of molecules of pollutant/total number … Continue reading

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Do You Really Think That Urban/Peri-urban Green Infrastructure Planning Combats Ozone Pollution?

What is Green Infrastructure? It is nothing but green vegetation. It includes crops, forests, green rooftops, plants, etc. Do they really help to reduce ozone pollution? Not really! Whether the green infrastructure is boon or curse depends on several factors. … Continue reading

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Gradual Increase of Complexity in the Ground-level Ozone Pollution Modeling Studies.

Ground-level ozone is a serious pollutant especially in the summer season in the tropical and extra-tropical regions. It is to be noted that the ozone is not a primary pollutant, meaning that the ozone is not directly emitted from the … Continue reading

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Is impact factor of a journal really important?

Research shows that, on average, the impact of any journal is impacted by only 15% of articles and the rest of 85% enjoys the impact without any contribution. Furthermore, many of highly cited articles usually have more than one author … Continue reading

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